Daredevil by carolinearmijo

As longtime readers of this blog know, Lucy did not take at all to the beach her first time there. Basically she wailed the first time her feet hit salt water, and death-gripped anyone’s arms who tried to carry her into the ocean. Well, imagine something as different from that as you can picture in your mind, and that’s pretty much what Oliver did last week.

Literally every time Henry or I put him down anywhere on the sand, he made a beeline straight to the middle of the ocean. And water beneath his feet only accelerated his pace. You could not go out into the water far enough while holding him – he was unfazed by waves, seaweed, or anything else. This is pretty consistent with his approach to dangerous things generally, but I can’t say it made for a super-relaxing couple of trips to the beach.

(PS – I promise I am right there to his left – that’s my shadow!)

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