Dad The Teacher

Notes from the first lecture!

Lucy is so excited that she and her Dad started school at the same time. He drops her off every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on his way to the law school. In the mornings, I help to get her ready and make sure there are two tablespoons of agave nectar in his coffee while he makes sure L brushes her teeth. It’s pretty much perfect.

Before the school year started, Henry and I were trying to figure out how long he has wanted to be a professor. I vividly recall a conversation in the early 2000s when he was deciding between law school and a PhD in anthropology. You can probably guess what my strong feelings were on the subject. He was in Chapel Hill a few weeks ago doing research at the Southern Historical Collection for an article about tobacco auctions, and when he got back he told me he saw a new grad student in the anthropology section of the bookstore and wasn’t envious of the student. I thought it was odd that a professor would even have to think about whether he envied a new grad student, but anyway I’m glad he’s at peace with his decision.

We’ve had a very eventful start so far – as soon as we got settled, he was off to Kenya to present at a conference, so now Lucy knows the word “Africa” very well. And on his very first day of classes, he was interviewed in his office by the local TV station about SLAPP lawsuits. (If the Honda ad runs before the clip, make sure your volume is down because they are really screaming – especially the woman):

We’re so proud of Dad. Lucy loves asking him about his students. He spends a lot of time preparing for class, as you can see from the picture above, taken at our kitchen table; he has a separate folder and outline for each topic. And he seems to be enjoying himself, which you will be able to tell by listening to this lecture, conveniently recorded for Rosh Hashanah last week, but now preserved for all posterity!

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