cut to the chase: what to do if you get your iPhone wet

I know that I was a little lengthy in my blog post about my freak accident with my iPhone, so I thought that I would repost these tips of few things that I learned about water damage and my iPhone.

What to Do Immediately
1. If you get your phone wet, immediately cut it off by holding down the sleep button on top of your phone until a red bar comes up at the top of the screen. You then slide the bar over to shut it down.
2. Remove the phone from any case and dry it off.
3. Keep it cut off for several days. I think that by continuing to try to use it, I fried the screen.

What if Your Phone is Ruined?
1. Playing dumb won’t work. There is a little red sensor inside of your iPhone that tells Apple if your phone has water damage. There is a video of someone putting tissue paper down inside of his phone to cover up the sensor. I think that this is just a bad idea.
2. Apple does not cover water damage.
3. Apple and AT&T do not sell insurance for your phone.
4. According to the guy at the genius bar, there are third-party companies who do cover iPhones.
5. You can send your phone into Apple and they will refurbish it for about $250+.
6. Your home owner’s insurance or the credit card you purchased it on will likely cover
7. Your iPhone is actually a mini-computer, so it will likely be covered under computer coverage insurance. (I have a special computer coverage through USAA. If you have USAA, call them and add this to your protection today. It covers $3000 on computers only $100 deductible. It was so easy. I got a brand new phone for $100.)

Options to Protect Your Phone
1. Get additional insurance for your iPhone and computers. Or check with your insurance to see if it is covered now instead of waiting until later.
2. Buy a bag of snack pack zipable bags. I am pretty certain that our generic box of 50 was less than $5 from Target. You want to keep one with you just in case you get caught out in the rain. You can still use your iPhone inside of a plastic bag.

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