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Gmail’s Custom Time has to be a April Fool’s Day prank. Love it!

I had my own little prank this morning at breakfast. I told Henry that I was worried about the delivery of his birthday gift on Friday. He exclaimed “What is it?” Henry loves presents more than any person I have ever met. I cut my eyes over his shoulder towards our current television, which could be considered a baby by today’s standards.

We have several discussions over buying a new TV and even almost bought one so that people could watch the UNC game during my birthday party on Saturday night. The time passed and no one really complained. At least not to my face. We did bump all people not interested in the game from the couch around 9 pm.

Sarah also told me earlier that sports channels expect everyone to have a large screen TV, so they have reduced the size of the scores located at the bottom of the screen. Plus they are a lot fuzzier because of the assumed high-def status of boob-tubes around the country. I am glad to know that I am not just losing my vision, because we have guessing games over the score from the kitchen table.

So I tried to play out the April’s Fools joke as long as I could. I had been thinking about what I could say since I first woke up around 7. This one seemed to be going pretty well. Fortunately I had gone to Pentagon City the day before so I told him that I ordered it when I went to pick up a few groceries. Plus he had to have a new TV for the Final Four.

“What did you get?”

“A 37-inch.”

“Which one?”

“The one you wanted.”

“Did you even look to see if there was an open box?”

And there I cracked a smile – “April Fool’s!”

I am a terrible liar and I am very proud of myself to make it that far. Henry said he didn’t really believe me, but I am not sure I believe him. He did in fact adjust his tie and collar, as a signal that he was about to break a sweat. When I pointed out his nervous motion to him, he said he didn’t adjust his collar because he was nervous. Hmmm… I am not so sure.

But he did point out, “I got upset. I wonder what that means.”

I guess it means that maybe we will wait a little longer to buy a new TV. We have made it this far, which is fine by me.

So let’s hear your April Fool’s story!

Happy Birthday, Pat!

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