Cruising the Catalogs: Target

Last Sunday, I sat down the newspaper. With papers failing all around us, we decided to support our joint journalism backgrounds and subscribe to the Washington Post weekend paper. Tucked inside was Target’s toy catalog and for the first time in a couple of decades, I had a reason to study it intently. I had to figure out if there were any potential presents for Lucy inside.

Instead of finding anything for her, I discovered a few items that I would have LOVED to have if I were a five-year-old girl again. It left me feeling that I might enjoy motherhood a lot more that I could have ever imagined. Plus, where was Target thirty years ago? And finally, why are all of the dolls’ eyes SOOO big? I don’t get that. They are creepy.

Two toys really popped out at me.

Jakks Hello Kitty Fortune Cookie Maker
Hello! How fun would it be to make your own fortune cookies? Baking, fortunes and Hello Kitty all wrapped up into one? Heaven.

Second is this Circo Tree Tent, which is $30 and available in stores only. At
42.5H” x 49.2W”, it would completely engulf my living room. But still tempting. I know that Sarah will love this.

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  1. Sarah

    You are correct. I do love it. Maybe a post-nap Target trip is in order today.

  2. Being Shrimanker

    Funny, we got this for Weston yesterday haven't decided whether he'll get it for Christmas or Birthday. I was going to buy the tree tent pictured but when I got to the store it was pink, so we opted for the boy themed monster tent. It's on sale this week and cheaper than if you waited to use the coupon in the toy book

  3. Caroline Armijo

    What?!? A pink tree. Sarah, say it isn't so. Can't there be any gender neutral toys out there? And who would want to play in a pink tree, anyway?

  4. Sarah

    It looks brown in the picture, but I see M has checked it out in the store. Pink, really?? Very disappointing.

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