Cruising the Catalogs: Paper Source

A few weeks ago, I dreamed that we had a family gathering at a paper store. I don’t think that it was Paper Source, but it was definitely a lot like Paper Source. For some reason, I lingered at a display of GIANT holiday post-it notes. They were printed on sheer paper and had lots of glittery Christmas trees. Interesting. I guess I miss working there.

So I spent an extra amount of time lingering of the recent catalog and pulled out a few pages to keep in mind. I’m not certain that I will end buying any of these items, but just in case….

I’ve already mentioned these smell goods in a previous post, but I just love the name AND font.

I know that I would have already purchased this Woodgrain A2 Embossed Stationery Set. And I am not really a stationery set kind of girl. Even though you would think that I am.

And along the same vein, or wood grain… IF I send out a Christmas card, I would pick this one.

I still have the thank you’s and birth announcements right here on my desk. I realized this week that I don’t really know how to handle taking Lucy out in the rain. The stroller rain cover is confusing, to say the least. So I ordered my stamps online. (Please come today!)

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