Creating An Easter Space

Creating an Easter Space

As part of my Playful Learning Spaces, our vinyl ottoman has made it’s way back to being our coffee table once again. For the last week, I have kept a couple of Lucy’s favorite Sesame Street books on display.

However I switched up the activities to reflect Easter. I had checked out this book from the library a couple of weeks ago. It tells the story of Jesus, including the waving of the palms. Plus it explains the origination of the Easter egg and Easter bunny traditions.

So I gathered our palms from Sunday’s service, Lucy’s Easter basket and her wooden eggs from her little kitchen. I think tonight she finally got that chicks come from eggs. And then she said Eat, eat. Good thing I don’t have to explain all of the eating the eggs and chickens just yet.

Quick and easy. Maybe I should renew this book to keep it on display all week.

Happy Easter! Our vacation begins in less than twelve hours. I hope.

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