Crazy Dreams

This morning I was deep in sleep when Lucy woke me up around 7 am. I was on top of a hill trying to figure out the best path to take down. Essentially very few had a curb to exit down to the sidewalk. A guy was shoveling some sand along with of these paths. Then I finally saw an exit off to the right. I was working my way down and I heard someone talking about me.

When I was in the seventh grade, like any adolescent girl, I was completely paranoid that people were talking about me. Finally my friend looked at me and said, “They are not talking about you!” From there on, I stopped worrying about it. AND if I thought someone was talking about me, I completely ignored it by either leaving the room or trying to distract myself enough not to be able to hear what was being said. I would rather not know.

So this morning in my dream, I had a tinge of anxiety when I heard a woman start to say something about me in my dream. But dreams are revealing so I listened up. Right? She said, “Now that she’s gone, I don’t have my bookie.” She made a book arts joke in my dream! Ha!

I made my way to get Lucy out of her bed to feed her. As we returned to the bed for her morning feeding, I knocked over my glass and broke it. Broken glass and water galore. I told Henry that I needed help. Then I just stood there not knowing what to do. Henry told me to get in the bed and feed her. Lucy was screaming her head off.

I feel back asleep and I was still having vivid dreams. This time they were mini-nightmares. None were awful, but nightmares none the less.

I went to a discussion with a friend. This friend did not like how the presenter had changed her results after her study and got up in her face until their noses were pushing up against one another. (This could be related to a story presented on NPR.) Then I realized that I had been sitting in this group of women with one of my breasts exposed. I guess that I had finished breastfeeding and completely forgot to close up shop. Then I returned home to realize that I had the wrong baby. This baby was more like a doll with skinny cheeks, curly blond hair, blue eyes and writing all over her. She even had a screen on her belly that scrolled up and down like an iPhone application. I had to go back to find my baby. Then I went into the bedroom and the furniture was rearranged in an awful way so that there were a row of dressers lined up on one wall side by side. They looked awful. I couldn’t take it anymore.

Whew! So now I am up with coffee in hand. I’m hoping to get back into a routine now that our guests are out of town and the baby dedication is over. I have more pictures to post soon.

Here is Lucy with me at 5 months

and a day later at 22 weeks

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