COURAGE – This Year’s #OneWord

Tuesday was my birthday and the first day of my new One Word tradition. As I got in the shower, I thought what’s it going to be. And despite my inner argument, the word Courage stood courageously. That’s it. Nothing else was even allowed to enter my mind. 

On Saturday, I cleaned out Lucy’s bedroom and moved a box of papers within her reach. It is filled with old artwork, pamphlets, maps and drawings. She discovered a collection of post-its I had illustrated at a restaurant. Monday night, she began sifting through the papers, asking about each. There was the cast of the Wizard of Oz, along with Grandpa holding Lucy. So I snapped this picture of the Cowardly Lion and returned the box back to the shelf. 

Just like Joy, I am a little, okay, a lot nervous about the word Courage. What does that mean I have to face? In good faith, I pray that my health continues to be great. And I have an inkling of how I need to be courageous as my coal ash work continues moving forward. But I hope that it will also entail some fundraising efforts for projects I believe in and are needed in our community.  

This morning in my journal I wrote that I thought it takes a lot of courage to love fiercely, even those who have nothing in common with you and how that is so desperately needed in our world right now. So I hope that I am able to live up to that task. 

I have also contemplated what a gift this One Word practice has become. Will I continue beyond my forties? So far, I have received a greater understanding of peace and joy. And next courage. They seem to be a foundation that builds upon one another. The peace allowed me to experience joy, a practice that did cause my joy to grow! And I know that joy provides me with the strength I need for more courage. So let’s carry on.  

P.S. Will this be the year we watch The Wizard of Oz as a family? I have a G-rated heart of a little girl in my house. 

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