Connor and Lilly meet Lucy

Lucy and I were super excited to have the Gormans drop by on their way to New Jersey. Finally! The secret must have been to have a baby. I think that they had lots of fun. Now we need them to come for an extended stay so that we can really explore the city.

Connor was the perfect role model for how to hold Lucy. Excellent job!

Lilly told me all about her babies, Anna and Sabrina, who are one and seven years old.

Who knew Connor was so great with babies!

After we had out meet and greet, Pat, Connor and Lilly went to pick up Chinese food from Chinatown Express. They were able to watch the noodles being made in the window. Then they brought it home and we ate on the roof. And for dessert, we walked over to Haagen Daz before they got back on the road to New Jersey. Our little visit was the perfect way to beat rush hour traffic.

This is a quick video of Lilly on the roof just for Mom. She has never been up there before.

I was sad that the Chinese Gate was covered for upkeep. Here is a blast-from-the-past photo of what’s underneath the covers.

Mary, Allison and Jessica after the Chinese New Year’s Parade, 2007

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