Club 575 :: Starbucks

Brendan came up with a fabulous idea for my blog – a weekly haiku contest.

At the beginning of each week, I will post a topic. Per Brendan’s suggestion, week one is Starbucks. I have started a list for the next four weeks in my little notebook. I am open to suggestions, of course.

The format is simple – first line is five syllables, second is seven, and third is five. Don’t forget about your title if your creativity can’t be sufficiently expressed in those 17 syllables.

Add your haikus by using the comment field. You may add as many as you like. You can also post anonymous haikus. However, if you are selected as a winner, you won’t recieve the fabulous (sur)prize, which, at this point, is a surprise to both you and me. You are also welcome to add comments in support of your favorites.

(Plus I reserve the right to delete any haiku or comment that is way too far over the top.)

Let the games begin!

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  1. Laura McClung

    Ode to Starbucks
    by Laura McClung

    Grande soy latte
    What would I do without you?
    Commit seppuku.

  2. Ike Adams

    Conspicuous Consumption
    by Ike Adams

    consumption amuck
    everyone notes the cup
    cause it says Starbucks

  3. Anonymous

    What in the hell is Brendan doing in San Francisco, right now?
    by Richard Dellinger

    Brendan wants a haiku
    I guess it happens that way
    Living in Francisco

  4. Shannon Reavis

    white cup, green logo
    is that a mermaid or the
    monoploy man?

    by Shannon Reavis

  5. Jason Lusk

    Dear Deer

    my buck’s quite a star
    makes Seattle java fear
    thank you Caribou

  6. Sherri Panzera

    five dollar coffee
    macchiato addiction
    starcrooks robs again

  7. Henry

    World Economics
    by Enrique Armijo

    Hooked, we all file in,
    useless till we drink. Meanwhile,
    Chinese worked all night.

  8. Steve Cory

    Where did you get that?
    It reminds me of blacktop
    Don’t drink that stuff, yuck
    by Steve Cory

    I walk down the street
    Starbucks, Starbucks, and Starbucks
    full saturation
    by Rich Makin

    No foam half caf chai
    Double tall soy room for milk
    Me, I’d like a Coke.
    by Claire Zulkey

    Starbucks’ a staple
    Let the dog outside again
    It never will change
    by Liquidmoonlight

  9. Sarah David

    sail shooting starbucks
    they call you Ishmael
    Moby takes it black

    by Sarah David

  10. Sarah David

    second chance, please. I forgot a syllable…

    sail shooting starbucks
    if they call you Ishmael
    Moby takes it black

  11. Caroline Armijo

    Okay, I had to add my own. But it isn’t part of the competition.

    just a little latte, please
    by Caroline Armijo

    sneaky pricing plan
    secret short latte revealed
    new favorite treat

  12. Anonymous

    Do you love me true?
    Hazelnut, I adore you.
    Each morning, Me! You!

  13. Meredith West

    No coffee for me
    prefer to spend my cash on
    a glass of Crissy.

  14. Anonymous

    when one coffee grind
    lodges ‘tween your two front teeth
    mmmm! saved for snack time

  15. Jason Lusk

    i once was so pleased
    by a venti frapp’cino
    kissed the barista

  16. the Rab

    starbucks is evil
    they do not want jern to save
    why do you drink it?

  17. Sue

    Coffee Consequences
    by Sue

    Starbucks strongly brewed,
    regret follows indulgence…
    Acid! Reflux! Pain!

  18. Anonymous

    How much, for one of
    those vanilla bullshit things ?
    Yikes ! see you latte

    by B. Bender

    Richard D. yours is coming

  19. Kelly Love

    Love the contest! Here’s mine:

    By Kelly Love

    Savored every cup
    Until ass outgrew pants, then
    Sadly gave it up.

  20. Anonymous

    shameful if we don’t
    at least give a nod to their
    iced lemon pound cake

  21. krwaltondc

    A walk down the block
    Buy sustainable coffee
    I love city life.

  22. John Taylor

    Starbucks: the 3rd place
    Between home and work you lay
    Are you really essential?

  23. John Taylor

    Venti vanilla
    With skim, rationalizes
    the calories.

  24. John Taylor

    i can’t count to five
    because i am tired from work.
    maybe a starbucks will help.

  25. John Taylor

    Sparky’s Espresso on 14th St.

    Starbucks is better
    than Caribou don’t you think?
    Though Sparky’s is best.

  26. Anonymous

    Haven’t checked email in a while so i’m late on the uptake…

    New Romance
    by Jenn Love

    Cinnamon Dolce
    Latte.. Skim, of course, with spice.
    Tall on tastiness.

  27. Caroline Armijo

    This weeks contest is now closed. I will add a link for voting in the next day or two.

    This week’s topic is prom. Remember you can enter as many times as you like. If you don’t include your name, it might be hard for me to send you the (sur)prize.

    Good luck!

  28. Anonymous

    Coffee cup siren:
    All enchant your coffee song
    To certain profit.

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