Club 575 :: Prom

Let me just say that last week’s inaugural Club 575 :: Starbucks haiku contest was amazing. I love all of the haikus. So to keep the momentum going, I had to select a topic that is sure to bring back some favorite memories and inspire some great poems – the high school prom.

This topic alone inspired at least a dozen pages of haikus last spring. My high school classmates and I perfected our craft of writing haikus thinking back to fabulous memories of South Stokes High School Class of ’92. It even got to the point where I was constantly counting syllables on my fingers throughout the day.

I am sorry that I don’t have a picture from that night to post. Instead I just have the two above that Henry found on the internet. If anyone would like to submit a picture with their haiku, just let me know.

Everyone gets to vote for the winner of Club 575 :: Starbucks. I am in the process of creating an easy online poll. At this point I think that I will select the top nine entries and then let all of you vote. I think that the service only allows one vote per 24 hours. Granted since this is still the first full week of the contest, anything is open to change. Check back this week for more info.

I plan to announce the winner next weekend along with Week 3’s topic.

Good luck!

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  1. Anonymous

    Limousine driver,
    take me to motel, where the
    Boone’s Farm chills in sink.

  2. Meredith

    Flashy sequin dress.
    W. Hendrix drinking whiskey,
    Prom Promise broken.

  3. John Taylor

    Peer pressure, perhaps.
    Much money spent, and for what?
    I can’t remember.

  4. John Taylor

    It’s right up there with
    Valentine’s and New Year’s Eve.
    All unfulfilling.

  5. Anonymous

    Be my date, Carrie
    Hey…what’s all this pig’s blood stuff ?
    its Danny Zuko !!!

    by B. Bender

  6. Sarah David

    bleached hair white dresses
    teetering heels first time worn
    livin’ on a prayer

  7. Henry

    Tuxedo fitting.
    Pink to match the corsage, or
    paisley cumberbund?

  8. Anonymous

    First cake at Stevens
    Nobody dances at Prom
    Drunk at EcoLodge

    by: Richard Dellinger.

  9. Anonymous

    Junior Prom, or “Just Friends” ’96

    Oh, Jon Wright– spasms
    on black and white check; at least
    you tried– oh, Jon Wrong.

    by jenn love

  10. Anonymous

    “music of the night”
    can’t describe the time we had
    promming in school gym

  11. krwaltondc

    Boys did not ask boys.
    Double date with my best friend —
    Dream almost fulfilled.

  12. Shannon Reavis

    metallic purple
    best match for crispy orange
    fake tan complexion

    Issac says best to
    build height with high heel sandals
    AND cement poof bangs

  13. Sherri Panzera

    mrs heath in blue
    she borrowed meredith’s dress
    mr heath takes pics

  14. the Rab

    girlfriend and i split,
    she went as an awkward friend.
    all so tragic, sniff.

  15. Renee

    Oh, Molly Ringwald!
    You worked so hard on that dress.
    So pretty in pink!

  16. Renee

    The Catholic School Prom:

    The prudish nun says,
    “Leave room for holy spirit!”
    Touch hands once she leaves.

  17. Renee

    Nineteen eighty six
    Slow dance to Spandeau Ballet
    Young love on display

    Young lip locked lovers
    No! Braces stuck together!
    Need orthodontist!

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