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Click for Clutter could be my favorite new blog! After all of the blogs that are essentially just about buying new things, it is pretty fun to vote on what Darryle Pollack should do with her accumulated stuff. Like the above quilt, which she bought off of eBay. My vote – toss it. I don’t love the patterns. If it was beautiful, that might would have beat out the lack of sentimental value. Let it go now, girl.

I can see how this concept is addictive. It’s almost like you are voting via phone during an episode of Clean House. In fact, I can imagine a show like this popping up on the BBC!

I plan to keep voting. I would be tempted to attempt this on my own. But I would rather just give a bunch of stuff away than actually ship a package. For some reason, shipping is a huge stumbling block for me. So I will just live vicariously through Darryle.

Welcome. I’m Darryle Pollack. Click For Clutter is my New Year’s resolution for 2009–a commitment to clear out the clutter of a lifetime. I’m drowning in clutter and I’m desperate. So I am sorting through all the stuff I’ve accumulated for decades– from the most mundane items to a mink coat. Every day, I will post something and tell the story behind it. And everyday you can vote.
Should I:

If you want something, write a comment and tell me why. I’ll select someone who asks, and send it for free.

I am making a public commitment — so I can’t procrastinate. If I don’t do this now, my kids will have to do it later. This blog is a work in progress, as I sort through my accumulation of clutter and figure out what to do with it. The VAST MAJORITY of my clutter is not posted, and will be DONATED to charity. What’s posted here daily is the overflow–items of value or interest. I hope some of the stuff I’ve saved will go to people who will appreciate it more than I have. I need your help to make it happen.

So consider this a public service. Keep it simple. And Click for Clutter.

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  1. carolinagirl

    We just cleaned out our entire house – I mean 3 walk-in storage rooms, all closets and the garage!!! We are thinking about selling and moving in to a bigger house in prep for Emma! The de-cluttering was oh so therapeutic!

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