Christmas Time is Here

Christmas Time is Here by carolinearmijo
Christmas Time is Here, a photo by carolinearmijo on Flickr.

This week Lucy interviewed her teacher and classmates at school. "What is your favorite part of Christmas?" I told her my answer is music!

She has been practicing for her Christmas concert all week. FYI, if you sing a song with Lucy, you MUST sing the lyrics correctly. She stops her dad every single time in the middle of Frosty the Snowman if he sings "put it on his head" instead of "placed."

Lucy’s favorite hymn goes like this: "The Virgin Mary had a baby boy. The Virgin Mary had a baby boy. The Virgin Mary had a baby boy. And she called him Shake Jesus." We think the "Shake" refers to a maraca they use in the performance at that point in the song, but I guess we will find out on Friday.

This song inspired her to name her new stuffed kitten Virgin.

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