Christmas Craft Night

Christmas Craft Night is here once again!

Last year we made the nativity origami. The year before that was a snowflake ornament. Tomorrow night, we will be making an advent calendar lead by me and Christmas cards lead by Sally.

One may point out that we are one day shy of being half way through the advent calendar. Wow! For me, that is really hard to believe. But you can save them again for next year. And look at how cute they are! Big thank you to How About Orange for drawing my attention to them.

Last year’s origami nativity scene was a little ambitious for some. Including me when I tried to sit down and recreate it over Thanksgiving. I promised that I would post the directions in a download over the next few weeks. Well, those few weeks turned into several weeks once I tried to create the rhomboid, which would be Baby Jesus. Huh? How did I possibly do this last year? I feel like motherhood involved having an entire lobe removed from your brain.

But the good news is that I haven’t given up on Baby Jesus yet. I hope that sometime in the next 24 hours, I will give him another try and pray I will get it going this time. The good news is that I still have tomorrow until it has been a full month. So hold on, Alaska! You may get your wish after all.

I finally had a full night’s sleep last night!!! And I think that we could have survived Lucy’s latest developmental phase. I hope that means a return to some kind of normalcy. Because when I saw everyone from NECTAC on Monday, I was wondering if they could tell that I was about to crumble into a shell of myself from exhaustion as result of lack of sleep and excessive nursing. At some point, naps and nursing became one. Things began to improve after Monday night. And today, well, today I am SOOO excited. Sleep, sleep, glorious sleep. Now I know why it is used for torture methods. We have already told Lucy that I am way more fun in the mornings if she sleeps all night. We sing and dance and I don’t reach for the second cup of coffee.

So we are going for easy tomorrow night at the Calvary Christmas Celebration. Straight lines with exacto knives and a little bone folding and double-sided tape. And maybe next year, we will try something a little more challenging.

Calvary Baptist Church
Friday, December 11th, 2009
6pm (but you can come later)
8th & H Streets NW, Gallery Place

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