Chinese New Year Parade + haiku update

I don’t know if you can tell this from some of my previous posts, but I really wanted to see the Chinese New Year Parade this year. So when the airline canceled my flight back from San Francisco, I was not very upset. The parade was that afternoon and I could easily catch it and still have another day to walk around the city.

The SF was my third attempt to watch the parade. We even had an impromptu brunch. on January 29th, when I was positive they were going to have the parade right on H Street. Then I actually saw the families lined up along the sidewalk waiting for the parade on my way to San Francisco. Tons of little kids were popping those little snaps on the street. I was so sad that I was going to miss the festivities. Henry promised to take lots of photos. He took some very sweet ones before his battery died. So almost a week later, I was thrilled to learn that I was going to have to stay in San Francisco.

Steve and I watched the parade from the 4th floor windows of the Macy’s right across from the television cameras. The parade was incredibly long and we did not make until the grand finale. Too hungry! It was time for pizza after two hours. Besides, we needed to beat the rush as everyone started flowing out of downtown.

So I guess that perseverance is the key. Funny what you wish for. It always seems to work out in the least expected ways. I guess that is true of my Club 575 haiku contest, which has quickly dwindled away. I am not good at anything that includes repetition and follow-through. I am the big idea person instead. The whole voting process has really gotten me down, especially when Henry disclosed confidential information to some of the participants.

I have decided that I am more in favor of a democratic process where everyone gets to vote. You can even send your friends in to vote. But I am not sure of technically how to do that yet. So all of you web junkies (or people, who want your (sur)prize, ask your web friends), I am looking for a simple piece of code that I can stick into each comment. I want people to be able to vote automatically and then, hopefully, the haiku contest will come back to life again. Besides, I already have an idea for the next contest. Until I find a new voting method, the parade contest is still alive… just not really kicking at this point.

Click on the photo to watch a quick movie of the parade. (25mb .mov)

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