chilling out

Our home away from home featured two art photos of Ken and Barbie in their pj’s.

Our lives were completely turned upside down last week with the heat wave. After discovering that our a/c was not really working when I returned from Atlanta three Tuesdays ago, I made a call to our good friends at Classic Air.

I spent most of last summer trying to understand why a brand new air conditioning unit simply did not work. Then last winter, there was the day when I just could not warm up and Henry had to go buy those disposable heat pads to put on my body. Simply put, we could not control the temperature in our apartment. If it was freezing outside, it might get up to 68 in here. So I knew from experience that it was not just a summer issue.

When we left for Florida on the 27th, it was 83. When we returned to the record heat wave, all of the Orbit gum in our apartment had melted and the envelopes in our bills were sealed. It was hard for me to move, much less be motivated to do anything on my growing To Do List. I was frantic. After four nights at the Hotel Helix, I had to be able to stay in our apartment. I tried to explain to the guy who had tracked down our compressor in Seattle that we were leaving for a six week trip to Europe in less than two weeks. I need to be home so that I can wash clothes and pack. And find my sanity.

Finally as the heat broke, Brendan installed the compressor and found the metal flake in the line. He promised that was the culprit. But it took me a good 48 hours to completely trust that it was working. And it is working. Finally…

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