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I am usually pretty good about cleaning up my studio each day when I finish up my project. I think that Stuart thought I was a little too neat and organized. He has no idea what kind of mess I have lurking in my rolling bags below my desk. Well, maybe he didn’t until the last three months.

My studio is a wreck. Somewhere on the bottom of my desk, I have a list that is dated Monday, May 11th, 2009. It included several projects that I was working on. I made quite a bit of progress on each. But none were finished. Well, maybe one for Amy, which I am pretty certain has fallen apart by now. I was on a roll and knew that I would be back to keep trucking. So I left without thinking twice of leaving a complete and udder mess.

Tuesday was my major shopping day. Wednesday was my washing and organizing day. And Thursday morning was THE big day.

So now my studio is a mess on top of a mess. Anything that I needed to move out of the apartment has managed to find it’s way over there. Plus Ceci took a few pieces to Philadelphia and now they are back. We finally set the pack n’ play up to be undone by a big blow-out on the first work day with my new assistant. Let’s just say we are all out of sorts.

BUT…. I finished one of my May 11th projects this week. Good thing I started early. It is a belated birthday present for Shannon (and Will).

It features an illustration Henry drew for their wedding materials, plus the sheet music for one of their hymns.

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