Change is hard

Or exhausting might be a better word.

Lucy is almost filling up her Moses basket. I often find her scrunched
up, rather slid down the sleep positioner, at the foot of the basket.
She usually has one leg out of her Miracle Blanket and a couple of
times with her leg tossed over the side. Uh-oh.

We bought our tickets for a two-week tour of all the grandparents.
That’s me flying solo to NC, then FL, where we will all fly home
together. Henry is meeting us both weekends. But clearly I can’t take
this rocking bassinet with us. So I figured I might as well start early.

The night before last, she was great. She slept almost all the way
through. She woke up once around 4. I put her pacifier back in her
mouth and retucked her into her Miracle Blanket. That gave me a few
extra hours. She woke up at 8:30, even after I took my shower. We
walked to work with Henry, went to the stuido, had lunch with Shannon
and worked all day. It was fabulous.

Last night, I wraped her in her Miracle Blanket and went through the
same routine. The tricky aspect to the Miracle Blanket is she only
wears her diaper beneath the wrap. The directions even suggest this
because babies get so hot. But not even you are Houdini and manage to
completely find your way out.

Prior to each of my three overnight visit, her skills seemed to become
more and more advanced. I finally feed her around 5:30 and then put
her in a pair of pajamas. This was her first night in pj’s since Sarah
left in July.

I was curious to see where she would wake up this morning. I did not
leave her this way, but perpendicular to this. Hmm… Is this where
those mom innovators take action? I need a pair of pajamas/straight
jacket plus a flat sleep positioner. I imagine the next couple of
nights will be full of experiments.

Today we are headed to Baltimore with The Joneses. So maybe she will
be so pooped that she’ll sleep like a rock. (or a crab shell?)
Regardless the experimentation begins.

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