Caroline Armijo, Superhero

This weekend, I visited BookExpo America for the first time. Yes, I am guilty of collecting bags of catalogs, collateral and advanced copies of books. I finished going through my stacks today. And I noticed that I went I returned from the grocery store, Henry had recycled at least 80 percent of what I had collected. It brought back lots of great memories from my days with DoubleTake Magazine. Since I know have a problem of hoarding beautiful books and papers, I am quite proud that I have already designated homes for my favorites from the weekend. Now I just need to add the new books I discovered to my Amazon wish list.

In addition to promoting Remembering Life, I wanted to find a book that I could read with my pen pal, Robbie Lee. That is what the drawing is all about. Walking through the Henry Holt booth, I saw a stack of The Grateful Fred, the third book in the Melvin Beederman, Superhero series. I also picked up promotional materials that included a list of the characters and their profiles. Perfect! And I loved the illustrations. Who can resist such a great looking book?

Today when I was writing my letter, I decided to draw a picture. I was pretty lucky to receive at least three pictures on the back of Robbie Lee’s letter. At a loss for what to draw, I thought that I would draw a self-portrait and come up with my own superhero profile. I can come up with better answers than these. But I will have to think about it. So for now, here it is. Enjoy!

Caroline Rutledge Armijo

Occupation: Superhero, Graphic Designer, Entrepreneur
Powers: great with scissors, transforms paper, crazy dreams
Strengths: design skills, friendly smile
Weaknesses : books, paper, clutter
Likes: having parties, going to museums
Dislikes: snoring, mean people

So what’s your profile?

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