Busytown Mystery: Missing Rug

This fall I was slightly addicted to Zulily and found a new rug from Flor, which in turn I asked for for Christmas. It is Vintage Vibe, which I take as a cross between traditional and modern. Precisely my style. I love the Flor concept of carpet tiles that you can move around if they get dirty. Very appealing to a mom. But I have never LOVED their patterns. But I did like this one with reservation.

I took most of the three day sale debating over whether or not it would work in our space. When the last 8 x 10 rug sold, I was completely disappointed. So I really did want the rug after all.

Then it dawned on me. These are carpet squares. Why not buy two 5 x 7 rugs and put them together. That would equal 24 squared versus 30. It was cheaper and could fit our space better. We have a somewhat small space. It was worth the risk! I made the plunge.

Last Friday the UPS guy handed me one box. I asked one box? One box. I took it in the house and quickly realized there were only twelve squares. But I laid them out to see how it looked with my furniture. Up close I didn’t LOVE the pattern, but I was a fan from a distance. How often are you inches away from your rug?

That evening Henry called me into the living room and asked me to take a seat. He put his hand in his pocket, bent down on one knee and began unwrapping something. Was this a second proposal? Then he leaned forward and said, "This rug looks exactly like this Gorgonzola cheese."

When I first received it, I couldn’t decide if I liked it because of the Rick-rack nature. I placed it on the floor to see how it looks against the furniture. But I do really like it and hope to see it installed soon.

A week later, still no rug. I figure it is a mix-up. But I have been emailing the customer service rep. I told her that my rug looks like a giant piece of Tetris. She thanked me for the laugh. Henry said that it will be a test for our holiday guests to see who comments on the crazy shape and who ignores it.

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