Busy week

Busy week

What happened to this week? The next thing you are going to tell me is that Santa is coming next week. Well, at our house, he is coming next Saturday. Yikes! Maybe not for dad.

This was the scene from yesterday morning. In the last week, we decided to refinance, which led to an appraisal, which means there is a lot of stuff in my car right now. Tonight is the annual Christmas party at church. So I have been thinking about tonight’s craft project, in between shopping for a little kitchen, calculating various interest rates and working on my three remaining art projects. I decided not to rehab the abandoned white kitchen for Christmas. The quotes to sand and paint it were more than if I bought a new one. Plus I am tight on time with my art projects. I was sad to give up after deconstructing it. But I believe my mom said that there was room for the little kitchen at her house. Can you believe she said that?

I can’t either. I am so excited about my art project for December 26th. It may be my most ambitious yet. Not in scale, but senses. I don’t want to give too much away yet. But I did email my Merritt cousins to ask them for their favorite Grandma smells. I received them last night. Yum. Last night around 5:30 am, I drastically scaled back art project number four. But I am even more excited about it because it better fits with my other pieces. Although now I have an 18″ custom circle of glass available. Hmmm… Any ideas pop into your head?

I know I am behind on blogging about my advent projects. I hope now that we have a toy kitchen and a new interest rate, I’ll have time to catch up. No more online shopping or calculating. And like the forty forts, I would rather make things than write about making things. I’m going to say that is a good thing.

Other than the fact that I unknowingly let Lucy run wild with the now lost master key to the studio, I think we are going to make it to 2011. 2010 has been another productive and creative year. I can’t believe how quickly it has passed us by.

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  1. I am sorry the kitchen project is on the back burner. If your still shopping Ikea has a cute kitchen and you could look at some preschool supply website for the more classic wooden ones like you found at your church. Hope this helps. Remember to relax and try to enjoy. Christmas will come and be magical even if our projects are unfinished and are gifts are not purchased.
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