breaking the addiction

This trip has certainly tried its best to break my electronic addiction to email and blogging. It has been quite a challenge to muddle my way through emails with each 15 minute opportunity. So it has been quite impossible to blog on top of that.

Yesterday I booked the first available hour slot that I could at the Oxford Central Library. So I am trying to multi-task as best I can with a brief update while deleting the 1700 emails in my fortunehearts account. At least I am finally up-to-date on my gmail account.

This trip has been incredible and there is high-demand from pictures. I am going to try to figure out the best way to upload them. All of my cables are in the FedEx box still in my apartment. The laptop is not going to make it. After much effort by Shannon, Henry and Kyle, we have decided it is not worth shipping it for essentially two weeks. There is a ridiculous customs form that you have to fill out for every item in the box, including details of where the items where manufactured, their tariff number and how and where they will be used. If the person at FedEx had explained that in more detail, I would have just brought it with me. But I didn’t.

Anyway, this is a once in a lifetime incredible experience. I have lots of stories to share, including eating a deep-fried hard boiled egg and meeting Henry’s 103 year-old grandmother in a tiny village in Spain. Be sure to watch the movie Volver to get an idea of where I spent the first ten days of our trip.

More soon.

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  1. Shannon Reavis

    The thought of meeting Henry’s sweet granny conjures images of a lovely family reunion…However, the thought of a fried hard boiled egg nearly ruined my day. Have fun, be safe! Sorry we couldn’t get the computer to you.

  2. the Rab

    we need bloggggin’ from over cross the pond… hope you’re soakin’ it all in…

  3. the Rab

    you may have broken your bloggin’ addiction…. but think of my blog feed addiction… i need content! pictures! witty exposition! stat!

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