Book Buddy Day

Book Buddy Day by carolinearmijo
Book Buddy Day, a photo by carolinearmijo on Flickr.

Post by Guest Blogger Henry

Today was Book Buddy Day, which meant that I got to go to Lucy’s class to read them all a book of L and my’s choice. It has been so hectic with work and landlord duties around here that if I hadn’t looked on the chalkboard during breakfast, we would have all totally forgotten about it.

Picking a book was an easy choice. Iggy Peck, Architect is about a little guy who loves building things out of anything he can get his hands on. His new teacher doesn’t appreciate his talents, but they come in handy at the end of the story during a school field trip. It’s become one of our go-to book birthday presents. And the same author and illustrator have just released Rosie Revere, Engineer, which looks just as good and has a female character.

Lucy’s class loved the book – especially the diaper tower and pancake arch that Iggy builds. Her friend Ethan sat right up front and told me about his upcoming trip to the dentist (Ethan is missing a few out of his front grill). On the way to school Lucy was worried her classmates would laugh when Iggy builds a suspension bridge using shoelaces and some slightly embarrassing clothing items, but when we got to that page she jumped up and pointed out the little blue undie flag on the bridge. They all laughed really hard.

We are looking forward to our mini-vacations this weekend – L at Gramms’ house, C, H, and O in Charleston for a paper presentation. Project Pescetarianism may remain in full effect despite the trip, since we have a reservation at Fig, which is supposed to be not just delicious but very fish-and-veg friendly.

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