Black Gold

I drove home this weekend for a wedding shower that our family threw for Meredith and Nevin. I was about two hours from home in rural Virginia when I had to go to the bathroom. I did not plan very well, because this was probably the third time I had gotten off the highway in this one trip. I saw a sign for Burger King in Keysville and I promptly exited. Granted, I did not venture far, but Keysville seemed incredibly small. No stoplight greeted me and the Burger King and a Food Lion sat just beyond a tree-lined residential road.

Since it was already 5:45, I thought that I might as well eat or I might find myself needing to stop again. I ordered my standard Happy Meal/Kid’s Meal with a medium drink. I like to think of it as portion control with a small treat inside. The high-school student behind the counter asked if I wanted my toy. Once I saw that it was a character from a movie I had never heard of, I replied no. He gave me the cup while he filled my order. There, to my surprise, was a drink recipe menu just below the fountain nozzles. I was so upset that I did not know where my camera was. I scanned through the beverages to see which recipe I wanted to try. Black Gold – 3/4 Dr. Pepper topped with 1/4 Coke. Perfect.

I was so pleased and excited with this new find. I knew that I had to immediately call Robert, Eris’ husband. We have discussed Suicides on several occasions. And here I had discovered at least four new recipes. I felt like this was Burger King going above and beyond living up to their tag line. It is a fun, playful idea that does not cost them any additional money other than the printing of the drink recipe labels for the drink machines. What a creative application of information design! Don’t we all need to mix things up a little? Hmmm…

Well, kudos to Burger King for this little treat. I am not sure how many people will notice it. But it worked. I stopped by another store today on my return trip back to DC. I was so excited to see the label there as I made my way to the counter. I tried to inconspicuously take this picture with my back to a young couple whispering in the booth behind me. I filled my drink, took the picture and rushed back to my car.

Of course, I made another Black Gold. They are perfect for this Southern girl, who out graduated from a devoted life of Dr. Pepper to Coke. However I can’t get addicted. But I will have to make one more trip to our local Burger King since this photo is blurry. Maybe I will ask if they have an extra drink recipe label that I can have.

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  1. the Rab

    caroline! this is awesome! my friend Joe from work turned me on the concoction (sp?) of 1/2 diet pepsi and 1/2 dr. pepper. it is awesome. i drink it all the time now. but i didn’t know of this before. but now that you say it, i do remember something called suicides from my childhood. i don’t remember from what… maybe i blocked it out. 😉

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