Birthdays all around

Happy Birthday to Jill, Shannon and, for all you college fish bowl
fans, Tim Tebow. And, of course, this little one. She is three months
old today. And yesterday was Eris’ birthday on the 13th. We called
this morning to wish her belated greetings. We only got her voice mail

This is our second day at the studio in a row. I think the secret is
skipping my shower. I’m dying to get home after Henry brings
Potbelly’s over for lunch.

Right now I’m trying to decide between making a gift for Shannon or
taking a trip to get one. I have something in mind for both options.
So it will be a surprise later tonight when we gather at Rustico sans

I still want to do a three month photo roundup, but today is looking
unlikely. Maybe I can manage while Grandma is caring for the baby.

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