Big Red Chair

Big Red Chair by carolinearmijo
Big Red Chair, a photo by carolinearmijo on Flickr.

Oliver had his first photo shoot in the big red chair at the Greensboro Children’s Museum this week. I have also found that Lucy is always looking over the top of her glasses, which I’m not crazy about. It makes it hard to get a great shot of them together.

While Lucy played with a new friend, Oliver and I sat and played with the chicken puppets and eggs. We put them in the wheelbarrow, tipped them out and used a large spoon to scoop them. Ultimately he just wanted to chew on the spoon.

Oliver is on the move. He is using his feet to push his way around, not his knees. He is definitely crawling! He manages to scoot into confined spaces. He will also follow you from one room to the next. We aren’t quite ready for this!

He also started saying Mama on Christmas Day, according to my mom. He has been saying Dada for a while now. Yesterday I recognized him saying Mama while Henry changed his diaper. Then I heard him say baba after that.

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