Big Day, Part II: The DC Birthday Party


Prior to Lucy’s flower girl debut, she had a few of her closest friends over to Yards Park, our favorite play spot in DC, for a birthday party.  Between the kites, bubbles, balloons, giant frisbees, and the water fountain, we may have set a record for birthday party activities.

This is the birthday girl flying a Waldorf hand kite, AKA another way to use the ribbon in my studio

Nolan, manning one of the bubble stations

Maisie, master kite flyer

Here is most of the crew singing Happy Birthday.


The cake was just a decorated sheet of brownies, using my patented powdered sugar stencil technique. Seriously, all you need to do is know how to cut letters or numbers out of paper and you can do this one yourself – as you can see from these pics from the night before, Lucy did most of the work:

The paper stencil, precisely in place

Applying the sugar to the cake (and the floor)

We even added a pink kite since pink is her favorite color.

Dad was a master at making sure everyone got a piece with a letter, number, or piece of kite on it.

Nia went with cake string

Amanuel wanted a part of the L

Some 3 for Maisie

Parker preferred another Dum-Dum

PJ thinks birthday cake tastes better after a swim

Silas, in the cake line and surrounded by ladies

Lucy, making sure TyBoy gets a proper slice

After most everyone left, Harper hung around to take one last quick dip with the birthday girl. We thought for sure she’d fall asleep once we got in the car and put on the Marketplace podcast, but she just chatted along right up until Leah’s wedding.


Thanks so much to all of Lucy’s friends for coming out! We are headed back to Yards Park for this week’s Friday Evening Concert Series. Come out and join us for our last chance to attend as a DC resident.

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