Best Lobster Soup in the World

Best Lobster Soup in the World

We ate lunch around 6 pm. We both had a cup of Lobster Soup and a fish kabob at Saegreifinn in the Old Harbor area. I could have completely skipped my salmon kabob, although I did enjoy Henry’s halibut.

This soup was so delicious that I had to take a picture of the lobster. Although I decided to take a picture after I had eaten practically all of it. I told Henry that the lobster was soft and he thought I was crazy until he tasted it and confirmed it is soft. Others may call it tender or succulent. I call it fantastic.

A loaf of warm bread and Icelandic butter accompanies the soup. The butter was superb. Henry said that was a bit unfair since I have eaten very little dairy in the last three years. The soup and bread made me want to cuddle up and head back to bed. After not eating dairy, it’s easy to feel the sluggish coma take over your body.

I thought the pilsner was quite tasty, especially in comparison to Henry’s beer. Later we learned that a pilsner in Iceland is non-alcoholic. So I can blame the evening drag completely on the dairy. But it was worth it. We may head back tomorrow for a second cup.

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