Ben marries Elif

We went to Maine for Ben and Elif‘s wedding. It was so sweet and beautiful. Here are a few of my favorite moments.

A groomsman carved their names and date into the little hut on the pier where they were married and where Ben played as a child. (Henry overheard the groomsman saying that he tried to make the ampersand and scrolls match the ones on the invitation.)

They left the wedding in a boat, while kids played on the beach.

We waited for them to return.

The Maine, Turkish, and US flags were flying.

I always make Henry draw a picture in the guestbook.

Backyard receptions are the best!

Especially when the bride hires a belly dancer as a surprise. I wonder what Ben’s dad is thinking right here.

You may recall that this event was also a big part of my summer to-do list. Aside from the invitations, here are a few shots of my other work for the happy occasion.

The Program

The Table Tent and Place Card, using the couple’s Favorite Cities Theme/Game for table assignments

choice of veggie or beef

more cities and more names
I included the picture and names on both sides of the place card to make it easy for anyone to take a quick peek at their neighbor’s name regardless of where they were sitting. I only included the cow or carrot on one side. The cow was always on the left and carrot on the right to help make it a little easier for the caterers.

The Restroom Signs – crucial!
(Who is that handsome fellow waiting patiently in line, and does he have a date?)

See all of the pictures on Flickr. I have over 28 short videos from my iFlip. I am hoping that Henry will edit them together sometime soon.

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