Before the Tie

Before the Fall by carolinearmijo
Before the Fall, a photo by carolinearmijo on Flickr.

And by the fall, I don’t mean Ollie. I’m sure Henry is wondering. We stuck around the Green Turtle long enough to hear the singing of the National Anthem and a few USA chants. The we headed off for a much needed nap in the car.

This weekend is Oliver’s first solo trip with moi to DC. So far, I think he loves it. He loved going to church and meeting so many new friends. And I loved seeing all of my favorite friends from so many years. It was wonderful wishing Amy many blessings as she heads off to her new role as the senior pastor at Riverside in NYC.

After leaving the Turtle, I walked back through Calvary and inspected the art I created over the years. It is so nice to leave a piece of you there and remember the time that surrounded its creation. I promised Gretchen I could still make art for Calvary from afar. And I told Bill I would love to collaborate on another project. Maybe a new piece is brewing. I hope so.

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