Bearing crafts

My parents arrived just in time for lunch. And I was pretty excited to see my mom had remembered to bring along her bag of crewel wool. I just told my dad that we actually want to go down to 8th & I SE, home of the Marine Barracks in DC. Then I broke it to him that we want to go to a wool store to buy some craft supplies. We have even discussed doing a joint craft project. Hmmm… that would be fun. But I suspect one of us has a little less time than the other. Oops, I mean a lot.

After coveting Sarah’s craft supplies, I ordered The New Crewel from Amazon and had lots of great ideas of expanding my stitched canvas pieces. Now I need to sit down with my photographs to see what bubbles up.

So before my dad directs me to search for something else on the internet… I have to add that I think Mom loves reading Sarah’s blog as much as I do. She might even check it as often. I doubt that considering I have my iPhone with me. Which is exactly what she is doing in the photo above. Who knew my mom would be an avid blog reader? Wow! Go Yvonne-a!

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