Barbie Dream Car

Barbie Dream Car by carolinearmijo

This was the scene on our patio earlier this week. I finally found something to do with the giant bag full of tissue paper that’s been taking up valuable space in my studio. Give to Lucy to glue all over her Barbie Dream Car. As colorful, but way less messy than paint! I knew I had an irrational love of tissue paper. Note Ollie in his Mini to the side.

Tonight we met Mom and Dad for dinner. We discussed Mom’s parenting methods on topics like chocolate milk, sweetened cereal and motorized cars. Like how she never let us have any. She finally caved around middle school and I ate boxes and boxes full of Frosted Flakes. There was something about the giant flakes on top that were so addictive.

When I told Mom about Lucy’s boxcar, she suggested that she should buy her a real motorized car. Unlike the solitary five acres where I grew up, we live on a very heavily trafficked corner with a driveway barely two cars long. No. Is this what happens when you become a grandmother? All sense of fear fades way to giving to your grandchildren. I guess it’s love.

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