Back to Chapel Hill

I have been in Chapel Hill for the last 24 hours preparing our apartment for new renters, who I have yet to find. After getting over the blahs of being a landlord, including scrubbing down the cabinets, changing the air filter, and checking the fire alarms, I realized how much I love our apartment in Chapel Hill. Granted there are several improvements that I would love to make. I hate the popcorn ceiling and we need a quarter-round molding throughout. But the apartment as a whole is great. We had a lot of great memories there and I am looking forward to being empty-nesters so that we can live there again. I suppose that we could live there with a couple of very young children, but sometimes it is easier to imagine 30 years from now than ten.

So I get to blog in Caffe Driade and eat lunch at Foster’s Market. What a treat. Plus catching up with my neighbor Mary and spending the night with Sarah and Eric is always so comforting.

If any of my friends from Chapel Hill are reading, please call me. I would love to see you. And for anyone out there in the world looking for a fabulous place to live in Chapel Hill, I want to hear from you now. I am trying to get back in time for my anniversary, which will be six years on Saturday.

Check out our ad on Craigslist. I will be posting pictures of our apartment later this afternoon.

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