Awful wreck + interesting photo effect

We have just cleared the wreck south of Richmond. It looked awful and
involved several large automobiles. One was flipped onto the side of
the center barrier. A large wrecker was sideways in the left lane. And
a large white truck was completely smashed in. We don’t know how many
cars were already removed. To me, I would guess it could be a wreck
from a wreck. Yikes! Slow down, people. Be carfeul.

We also saw a Channel 8 reporter on the scene for breaking evening
news. Further details there.

This is a picture of someone multi-tasking. I wanted to see what was
happening and take a picture. I thought it was best not too take a
photo of the trooper. So I put my camera down. I’ve never seen this
blurred wavy line before. I would say it’s the most interesting aspect
of the photo.

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