Assessing the damage

Assessing the damage

We were thirty minutes into our nap when it felt like our entire building was being nudged awake. You know the feeling. A gentle push or two on your leg that ends up rocking your whole body several times.

Since there wasn’t any noise, but persistent shaking, I grabbed Lucy and ran to check out what was going on in the alley. It’s my first source for news followed by Facebook and Twitter. People from the kitchens of Chinese restaurants, mission and others walking down the street were looking up at this small chimney, which lost a few bricks from the earthquake. A couple of people from the mission are checking things out right now.

Not a lot of sirens downtown, but tons of FB activity has informed that it was a 5.9 earthquake located 90 miles south of DC and only half a mile deep. I’ve read of it being felt from Boston to Columbus, OH and all throughout North Carolina.

This is Lucy’s first earthquake and my third. My first was in Montreal while visiting Henry’s family in the spring of 2002. And the second was a tremor while working in Carrboro.

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