Antonio and Oliver

We are so lucky to have spent Father’s Day with all three of our favorite dads! My parents came over for lunch with the abuelos. We had a great time. Although we failed at taking a lot of pictures. I believe I took one with Henry, Lucy and Oliver tucked away in the Ergobaby carrier. But that’s it. Anyone who knows me well understands this is an all time low.

Today was Oliver’s toughest day by far! I almost bought another swing and I gave up dairy for about three hours. Then I recalled The Wonder Weeks and tomorrow O is five weeks from his due date. So that’s what is wrong.

I am sad that this leap has coincided with the abuelos visit. I feel like I am wasting lots of baby holding potential! I hope that Oliver will pass through this phase quickly. And I plan to use the Wonder Weeks chart for family visits in the future. No reason to make a lot of people miserable when he just wants to be held by mama. He finally settled in the evening, his typical fussy period. He loved it when Grandma took him outside where he could hear the birds.

This video was taken yesterday when Antonio held Oliver for the first time. Or so he says. I’m trying to remember if Antonio really did wait three days before holding O! Anyway they are very sweet together.

Many thanks and much love to the dads in my life – mine, Henry and Antonio. You each make our lives better in your own unique ways. We love you!

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