Almost Invisible

Yesterday became a day of SImBR (self-imposed day of bed rest, as
coined by Henry). While hiding from the rain, I managed to organize
our new office space. It is almost invisible, which makes me really,
really happy.

In the new office, I have managed to finally do some things on my list
that have lingered there for quite a while. And I find myself
gravitating to the space quite frequently. Henry has also spent more
time listening to music and watching videos on the Internet. I’m not
sure if that is a good sign. But he told me that he can finally use
the desk, because there isn’t a lot of stuff on it. It’s all organized
in the cabinets.

The other night Henry played an interview that I recorded after he
returned from Rwanda. I had just received an iMic for my iPod and took
the chance to ask a few questions while we dined at Matchbox. It was
interesting to listen to the stories again. But the baby was the most
excited. She went nuts in my belly. She had already been grooving to
an African radio station that Henry found online. Her response was
just too much, which lead me to a pretty important decision.

I have been debating all of the different entertainment options that
you can hook up to your crib. They are loaded with batteries and
varying effects, like light shows, vibration, etc. At this point I’m
thinking that a radio with a remote control would be perfect. I
already own an iPod. We can download some soothing music and white
noise, mixed in with her daddy talking. At this point, I think it’s
her favorite thing.

Yesterday for the first time, I realized that I actually like our
space more with the baby stuff in it. I never thought that I would
feel that way when I first envisioned how our 1000 sq feet would
change. It kept me up many nights. Granted, all of the baby items are
contained at this point. But the office and nursery are much better
uses of the space. I can’t wait to receive my chair this weekend when
my parents come to visit. It would be nice to have a place to sit in
the nursery before having to actually feed, burp and change her.

On the other hand, how much more tolerant I am of overnight guests has
yet to be tested. We will see how that goes. Trips may have to be
shortened. Maybe I’ll also impose a luggage limit akin to the
airlines. The spaces for stuff were quickly eliminated with the desk,
the stroller and crib. But I’m sure the ones who are most affected are
willing to give up the convenience.

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  1. carolinagirl

    Not long now!!! I know y’all are so excited, and I totally agree with your last sentence!!! 🙂 Thanks so much for your sweet message today!

  2. Anonymous

    As for out of town guests, I would impose a hotel rule. After all, the Red Rood Inn is visible from your apartment.

  3. Caroline Armijo

    I think the overflowing toilet at the Red Roof Inn traumatized my mom the last time she visited. Fortunately, there are a few other options close by.

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