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Baby Cama should be here anyday now. She will be the seventh Merritt great-grandchild and the first addition to the Merritt Studios family. (Eris is my first cousin and MerriMail business partner.) With every email that I receive, I know that the baby hasn’t come yet. But Eris did send out this picture this morning letting everyone know that this is the day, or the day she told people for the last nine months. If not today, then definitely by Wednesday.

If Wednesday is the case, we should have our regular conference call tomorrow. Henry asked me last week if it is really a conference call when there are only two people. Yes, of course. We have a conference call every Tuesday at 10 am, unless something comes up. Then he asked if I have to call her about a question that afternoon, is that considered a conference call. No, that is just a call. Those are just some of the rules that you get to set when you are self-employed. Sometimes our calls are short and sometimes they are long. Mainly we just like to touch base and make sure that we keep moving forward with our lists of things to do so that MerriMail will continue to grow

Backpack: Get Organized and Collaborate (I love anything that has to do with getting organized!)

I have been very quiet on the blog this last month. September was filled with lots of different tasks, like two painting classes, finishing Issue Five, and taking on some of Eris’ regular work for MerriMail orders. She sent very clear instructions, which I have organized and ready to go on my Backpack page (a handy web site that helps keep me organized). I titled the page “MerriMail while Eris has Cama.” I have the gift inserts, labels, final press release, the excel spread sheet, and all of the other files that Eris uses to keep things running smoothly. I am a little nervous that I will mess something up. But I am sure that it will all be fine.

We are also getting started on a holiday shopping party that we are hosting in Bermuda Run the Friday after Thanksgiving. Wouldn’t your Black Friday been even better if it were filled with handmade goodies for your friends and loved ones? Eris has already created several gifts and has them all lined up. I actually just started brainstorming ideas last week during our conference call. (But that is okay. My life is not about to drastically change.) I am going to be doing some different gift wrapping demonstrations. And maybe I will create some small handmade books, stationery sets, Paper Notion kits… I may fill paper lanterns from my favorite Chinese store with goodies. Or I could paint them… I have been taking a Chinese brush painting class for the last three weeks, as well. No telling what surprises will be in store. So please mark your calendar now. (If you would like to receive an invitation, just email me your address via MerriMail.)

Okay, Baby Cama, we are all ready to meet you! Especially Eris, I’m sure.

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  1. the Rab

    Caroline, your holiday shopping party link on your MerriMail page is incorrect. It points to a past event. Send my better half some more info on this.

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