all in a week’s work

This has been a productive week for me with MerriMail. Look at the lovely animation, which I have featured above. If the bird is already on her perch, hit refresh and she will fly across the screen. I am also quite pleased to announce that I have finally finished my updates to the web site with the exception of a new blog format. I am trying to work on that now.

Check out her boots! Views from within the London Eye.

Part of my motivation is to also update this blog so that people will have an easier time seeing my different projects. I created when I returned from Europe so that I would have a place to post my Europe pictures. My brother Alex pointed out to me yesterday that he had not even seen any of them. I was doing all of that hard work for him the first week that I was home! I probably worked a good 60 hours just organizing the photos and picking out photos for headers. I still have not posted all of the videos, just because it takes forever to upload them. I know that a lot of his friends at the courthouse wanted to see them. So please look at the Europe pictures. Alex is featured in most of the UK shots. We went to Oxford, London, Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. Talk about a busy week! That one certainly was… but lots of fun.

I also realized this week that I have several comments on Flickr, which I was oblivious to. Flickr is quite an amazing place that you can easily get sucked into. I have a few friends who use it frequently. Check out their work.

Kyle Walton – my neighbor
Ryan Boyles – my cousin
Will Short – a friend from church
Carl Weaver – an old co-worker

Do I not know any female photographers? If I have forgotten you, please speak up. I would love to add you to my contacts.

Will has been encouraging me to add tags to my photos. I usually just put them up as fast as I can because I take way too many pictures. I don’t take the time to add titles, tags and descriptions. I realize now that there is a huge whole world out there in this amazing community. So I promise to get to work on that. I did add tags for Meredith and Nevin’s weddings. Although I have a reputation for taking a lot of pictures (which I inherited from my dad), my mom seemed disappointed that there were not more pictures from the weekend’s events.

I also need to add my favorite pictures from Europe to the amazing map feature. If you look at the satellite picture, you can actually see the Red Bank Missionary Church, where Meredith and Nevin were married. You can also see the graveyard, as well. I absolutely love this feature. Amazing… Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to show this to you right now. Maybe later.

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  1. the Rab

    thanks for the boost Caroline! your pics are much more artsy than mine. but i have posted some new ones that the folks took in Gettysburg.

  2. Renee

    I just added you to my flickr contacts, Caroline. This means that I will have to start taking interesting pictures.

  3. Caroline Armijo

    Yeah, Renee! I am adding your link here.

  4. Carl Weaver

    Caroline, thanks for linking to my photos. I hope someday I get upgraded to “friend” from my curent status as “old co-worker.” I’m not that much older than you, you know! Haha.

  5. Caroline Armijo


    That makes me feel horrible! But made me laugh at the same time. I liked that I knew everyone from a different place. Not to say you are not a friend!

    Best, Caroline

  6. Carl Weaver

    Sorry, Caroline – I was just joking. It’s good to have so many friends from so many different times in one’s life!

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