A Wedding on Epiphany!

A Wedding on Epiphany! by carolinearmijo
A Wedding on Epiphany!, a photo by carolinearmijo on Flickr.

We have been awaiting eagerly the arrival of Three Kings Day, aka Oliver’s eight month birthday. And like most second children, I failed to take a picture of him.

We are hiding from the single digit weather. We somehow picked the perfect dates to visit Florida.

As we celebrated the last day of Christmas, Lucy asked the name of the three kings. I looked them up for her. Minutes later a wedding was taking place. Cinderella was marrying Casper, the first to kneel before Christ. Sleeping Beauty was the maid of honor and Jesus the ring bearer. Joseph officiated.

Oliver is well on his way to crawling and has even raised his bottom up off the floor, like he is ready to stand up. He has loved being with his abuelos and even napped on Abuelo’s lap a couple of times.

Still no teeth aside from the strange canine exposure that surfaced a few months ago, but never raised above the gum line. He is teething like crazy.

His baby words include dada (his first), mama, and Lucy claims he says hey. He loves toys, books, exploring, eating and water in any form.

Unlike his sister he is not afraid of loud noises. Oliver is intrigued by the vacuum. The FIRST time Lucy did not cry when I vacuumed was a couple of weeks ago at the age of four and seven months. No wonder I still see Halloween Nerds under the piano.

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