A New Year’s Recap

Today feels like Saturday. And I woke up feeling hungover. Since I am pretty certain you can’t get hungover from ginger ale, regardless of how fancy it is, I sat up and realized that my cold had moved from one side of my head to the other and traveled down to my lungs. Maybe that means it is on the way out. Or I prolonged it from all of that singing and dancing last night with Ike, Laura and Khoa.

It took me a while to warm up to the idea of the DJ. Thankfully people can’t smoke in the bars in DC or I would have never made it. The party horn that sounded a lot like an elephant with sinusitis was almost too much to bear. (I had to give her a look, which didn’t work.) But I jumped on the back corner of the bar, moved the little stools and got into the groove. A few odd moments of the night included Ike and Laura taking pictures of my stomach. Who knew so many people would want to pose with my barely-there belly? I also realized one of my bad habits of anticipating what someone is about to say and say it to them before they have a chance, when I congratulated Roman before we left.

Don’t worry – Henry and I weren’t the only families present. There were lots of kids passed out on the couches, which most be one of the luxuries of celebrating New Year’s in a hotel bar. We had a lot of fun at Adour located in The St. Regis. I will have to tuck the family-friendly atmosphere away for a few years from now. Although I am pretty certain that these families went back up to their rooms and not out in the freezing cold trying to flag down a cab. Or make the huge mistake that I made by heading for the circus of New Year’s Eve on the Metro.

I am pretty certain that we have ridden the Metro on New Year’s Eve, but none were this memorable. I am not exaggerating when I compare it to a circus. There were six guys sitting in the front car. One was flipping on the bars and swinging around. Others tried to emulate, but could not quite make the perfect acrobatic moves. So they bounced back and forth to their drunk friend who was puking behind the little wall. They would lay on the ground and pose for pictures. When we made an incredibly long stop at Metro Center, I almost panicked. I noticed a guy laying on the stopped escalator with his head right were you step off. What? I think that if you were drunk, maybe you could go with the flow a little more. But I started to fear that this guy would stumble onto the typically empty front car, have a rough encounter with the circus guys, and fall on me. Fortunately that didn’t happen and the train started moving before I got to the point of total freak out.

We made it home safely and have had a lovely day full of dim sum at Mark’s Duck House, plans for stroller shopping, clementines and another world-like experience at eMart, followed by an afternoon of football and chicken wings. I am in my pj’s by 8pm and already have a massage scheduled for next Thursday afternoon. Seems like 2009 is off to a great start.

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