A few firsts

A few firsts

A few firsts

A few firsts

I was finally brave enough to take a few pictures of Lucy while taking a bath. I usually have my fingers under her neck to make sure she doesn’t face plant in the water.

I also gave her her first bath toy to play with while in the tub. It’s a floating temperature guage. It was fun watching her hold it under the water. She’s definitely not ready for any live baby ducks!

And this morning Lucy woke up with her first fever. I should have known something was up when she slept for five hours yesterday. We are off to the doctor. Let me just tell you how upset I’m going to be if she has the swine flu. She is able to get the vaccine this Saturday when she turns six months old. What a way to celebrate.

We were vaccinated last Saturday at Cardoza. It was very well organized and took about two hours. But if you are going to get the swine flu anywhere, it was there. Yikes!

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  1. Anonymous

    how cute!!!

  2. Sarah

    Poor lil L (and poor C and H!). I hope she feels better soon… there's not much worse than a sick baby!

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