a couple of songs we like to sing

You have to love YouTube…

plus this flashback from the 70s… I totally remember this campfire scene.

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  1. Sarah

    Good times. I sing Ladybug Picnic to J all the time, but I really needed a refresher on the words.

  2. Caroline Armijo

    I barely remembered it. I definitely wouldn't have remembered it enough to sing it.

  3. carolinagirl

    Y'all have the best memories! I DO NOT remember the ladybug song!!!! Was this a Germanton thing? 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    I have no kids and sing the Ladybug Picnic a lot…to myself, to anyone near enough to hear. Maybe I will be a fit sitter (crazy, though).


  5. Caroline Armijo

    I had no idea Ladybug Picnic was such a hit! I am going to have to review the words a few more times so that I can add it to my repertoire.

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