Masencup Quads

Masencup Quads

Let me say right off the bat, these are not my babies.

When I was home with round one of the stomach flu, Mom told me that Brandi’s friend Megan was having quads. And not just quads, but two sets of identical twins. No drugs, either. Whoa. I just happened to be trimming Lucy’s toenails at the time, which is likely her most neglected body part. I thought, she is going to have to cut eighty little nails.

E.i.g.h.t.y. nails.

I am sure that she will have lots of help. But I am eager to read along with her on this adventure. I texted Brandi to say that if Megan doesn’t have a blog, she needs to start one. She has one. I have added it to my list blogs on my old blogspot account, which I check for my latest updates.

Megan also has a cute little hair salon called the b.hive. Her coworker, who cut my hair last February, also just had one set of identical twins. So I suggest that if you go, you don’t drink the water.

Best of luck to Megan and Justin.

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  1. OMG…I thought you were telling us something at first! WOW is all I can say!!!

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