8 Weeks = Happy Baby

I can barely believe it’s been eight weeks! Lucy was pretty excited
about it being her birthday. She laughed and played this morning. I
think some of it had to do with her dad waking up and feeding her
before leaving for work. Plus I was happy I didn’t have to worry about
making the bed.

We have been singing and dancing along to the playlist Henry made for
her a day or two before coming home from the hospital. She is snoozing
right now, but we are going to hit the farmer’s market in a few
minutes. I need some fresh cilantro. I have eaten way too many meals
out since returning to DC. Tomorrow night – black beans and cilantro
rice, my specialty.

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  1. Matt and Taylor

    Is she smiling?!?!? I'll have to come and see it person soon! Also, email your beans and cilantro rice recipe–it sounds delicious!

  2. Caroline Armijo

    Yes! She is starting to laugh at us. It is pretty amazing after weeks of being almost completely ignored.

    I will be sure to share the recipe soon. I have to type it up anyway!

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