40 Weeks/Week One

40 Weeks/Week One by carolinearmijo
40 Weeks/Week One, a photo by carolinearmijo on Flickr.

Today is Oliver’s due date. I am so happy that he is here and we have fared well through his first week. He is one week old today.

I’m curious about how many weeks it will be before he fills out these pjs. I may have to find some newborn sized ones because these are clearly too big. Last night was still fairly chilly here. I felt a little negligent to dress him in his little side snap shirt for my doctor’s appointment this morning.

We are still working out the kinks on his latch. I have a lactation consultant arriving any moment to make sure he has continued to gain weight. I have A LOT of milk this go round, but it seems that each day we start over learning how to latch. Hmmm… It’s a little frustrating, but I feel way ahead of the game.

Today we are gearing up for Lucy’s fourth birthday, which is tomorrow. We hope to do something fun and small on her birthday day. Then she is having a small birthday party at Mom’s on Sunday. They have been planning her birthday party since March.

Lucy and her dad are in the kitchen planning out her birthday cd, which we have made each year of her favorite songs. I’m not sure if this year’s will top her second birthday cd. It was a family favorite this spring. But how can you lose with a little Electric Light Orchestra from the Xanadu soundtrack.

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