You put your left foot out…

After I buttoned Lucy’s dress on Tuesday, I waited to see if she was
ready for a little tummy time. She bobbed her head up. I just noticed
the mirror reflected her left foot elevated. She often raises her
lower body a lot higher than her upper.

Sarah has been here to lend a helping hand since yesterday afternoon.
She made us a delicious dinner last night before we went to see The
Hangover. I was giddy when I went to bed last night. And even giddier
when I slept til 8 this morning.

Lucy is eleven weeks old today. Henry and I are celebrating her first
weekly birthday without her. Tonight, Sushi Taro. One thing I learned
during my pregnancy, veggie sushi is a let down. So I’m really looking
forward to tonight. I have a lot of sushi catching up to do.
Especially after seven weeks of being dairy free.

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