Yes, Virginia

As I mentioned a few days ago, I was bowled over by the window displays at Macy’s. The art is created entirely out of paper, depicting the illustrated story of Yes, Virginia. John and I have been discussing the windows over email all week. A big thanks to him for letting me share his pictures.

We picked up a copy of the book, Yes, Virginia: There Is a Santa Claus
on Sunday night. I could not resist since Virginia was a budding book artist, who writes the editor of The Sun to ask if there is a Santa Claus. Both Henry and my career interest captured in this true story from 1897! We have been reading it all week. Lucy loves looking at the pictures and I think she recognized Virginia tonight in the store window. This time I was able to retell the story to her outside Macy’s since we had already read it. Despite the temperatures being in the twenties, we headed out to the art supply store during evening rush hour. We left the Metro via Macy’s, so I managed to video the windows after all. I had marked this item off my list since it was so cold this week. But the snow drew us out on a few adventures.

Virginia shows Ollie her pop-up book she has created about Christmas and Santa Claus.

Charlotte tells the kids they are dumb for believing in Santa. She snatches Virginia’s book, which ends up in the mud. (I had no idea what Charlotte was until reading the book. She looks like a blond whirlwind.)

Virginia heads to the library for research. Is there a Santa Claus? (The librarian’s ladder used to move back and forth, but now it has stopped.)

Virginia is at home consoling with her parents. She decides to write the editor of The Sun, while visiting her father’s office. Virginia’s mother tells her that Santa is real as long as she acts like Santa by doing kind gestures towards others. (Virginia’s chair used to slide from room to room. And the light is now out.)

Virginia gives the skinny Santa a new coat after he gave his coat to a mother in the corner. The news stand rotates to reveal the editor’s desk.

The final scene shows the editor’s response on the cover of The Sun. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

For an inside look of the creative team building the Herald Square Macy’s display, watch this video. It makes me sad that I don’t have time to visit NYC before January 3rd. And it leaves me wondering, how can I join this team? Although after watching this video from NYC, I think I prefer the all-paper display in DC. That’s what makes it magical to me. Even if it is paper animations on film.

We plan to watch “Yes, Virginia” on Friday night. Perfect timing, since we have requested that Santa come a week early. He only agrees to do that for children who won’t tell anyone. Or can’t.

Here is a preview of tomorrow night’s viewing.

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