WRAL’s Tar Heel Traveler Visits St. Philip’s

WRAL’s Scott Mason visited St. Philip’s earlier this month. Tonight the video finally aired. We are pleased with the beautiful video. We want to thank a few of our congregants who were interviewed for the story.

The “significant savings” mentioned in the video equals a savings of $7.58 a square foot based on the current estimate posted on the Church of the Advocates’ web site. We calculated that it will actually cost more to move the church, but will result in a net savings of an esitmated $21,000 or a mere four percent of their entire budget for both buildings.

Thank you to WRAL for traveling to Germanton and for sharing so many beautiful photographs. The church will never be the same even once it is moved to Chapel Hill, where it will be renamed and brought up to code. It is nice to have a historic record of how it has looked since it was built in 1885.

On a more uplifting note, the Ecumenical Episocpal Congregation is quite delighted to have around 25 congregants join us each week at Germanton United Methodist Church. They are loving community open to anyone who would like to attend.

The new congregation continue to be request to worship in St. Philip’s until the church is moved. However, Bishop Curry has yet to respond to a single request made on behalf of the Friends of St. Philip’s or the new unnamed congregation. Perhaps he is too busy for Galilee.

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